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Benefits of Juicing: Your Keys to Radiant Health

Are you ready to take this essential step to a radiant, energetic life, and truly optimal health? Here's an easy, delicious way to reach your daily target intake of fruits and vegetables and to...

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Discover the Little-Known Uses of Sesame Oil

01 Sep 2016 | 131,472 Views

Its rich, nutty flavor is a perfect addition to salads and other dishes, which makes sesame oil a must-have in your kitchen. But did you know that this edible oil has a wide array of uses and health benefits? Use it to moisturize your skin, as a natural sunscreen or even to boost your scalp and hair health.

If You're Into Sports, Arnica Oil May Come in Handy

18 Aug 2016 | 398,152 Views

Arnica oil has long been used by athletes to help alleviate muscle aches and spasms. If you're into sports or have a physically active job, using a diluted form of this essential oil can help treat your sore muscles.

Citronella Oil: More Than Just a Bug Repellent

09 Jun 2016 | 334,216 Views

Are pesky fleas and mosquitoes getting in the way of your summer activities? Citronella oil may be your one stop solution. Learn why citronella oil is an efficient insect repellent and how it can also effectively relieve fevers, headaches and even arthritis pain.

‘Super Juice Me’ Documents Profound Healing Effects of Juicing

11 Apr 2015 | 537,859 Views

Eight subjects embarked on an unusual experiment, and at the end of 28 days, their health improvements were nothing short of astounding. Chronic diseases were reversed, unwanted pounds were shed, and pain melted away. What could it do for you?

Essential Oils Support Physical and Emotional Well-Being

04 Sep 2014 | 515,430 Views

Plus: smells help wake you up, and assist with anxiety and depression. Start using your nose to give you a health boost today.

Juicing: How Healthy Is It?

19 Apr 2014 | 472,530 Views

Juicing is a phenomenal daily health habit, but avoid getting caught up in the juice-cleanse fad.

What’s in Your Green Tea?

03 Jul 2013 | 324,996 Views

Different brands and formulations of green tea contain widely fluctuating levels of antioxidants like EGCG; while some varieties contain almost none, new research revealed one type of green tea with the most potent antioxidant levels.

8 Summer Beverages to Avoid

12 Jun 2013 | 130,455 Views

If you want to lower your risk of chronic disease and avoid weight gain, skip these popular summer beverages in favor of their healthier (and still delicious) alternatives.

Better Than Wheatgrass: Raw Veggie Juice and Sprouts

20 May 2013 | 754,590 Views

Its purported health benefits include increasing red blood-cell count, cleansing your blood, organs and gastrointestinal tract, stimulating metabolism and thyroid function and reducing the damaging effects of radiation. But here's the facts nobody's telling you...

Caution: Wearing These Can Sabotage Your Health

29 Apr 2012 | 697,488 Views

Almost everyone places these on their body on a daily basis, but if you overdo it, it can lead to all sorts of dangerous health problems because they shield you from some of the most potent antioxidants known to man. Take them off for 15 minutes now to help slow down the aging process, relieve pain and lower your blood pressure...


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